Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

It seems like just yesterday that we finished cleaning up the mess after the Second Annual Flamingo Gala.  With apologies to those still trying to forget the whole thing, click here for a refresher.

And for those of you who were lucky and astute enough to have attended this ground-breaking event, click here for a replay of the Very First Annual Flamingo Gala.

And now once again, finally, if not thankfully, it is that time of year...

Consider this your personal invitation to the Third Annual Flamingo Gala, following closely on the heels of last year's Second Annual Flamingo Gala, which followed, not surprisingly, closely on the heels of the First Annual Flamingo Gala of the previous year.

The rules are pretty much a carryover from last year, to wit:

You're Invited

Indeed, it looks like Friday, August 13, 2004, is the date on which we will throw decorum squarely out the window, haul all the Flamingo stuff down from the storage loft, and indulge ourselves in the Third Annual Flamingo Gala.  Figure on 6:00 PM or so.

You have been given enough advance notice that you have time to accept (or make up) an invitation to something better if you choose to be an unsociable, misanthropic outcast and want to opt-out of the whole deal.  It's really up to you.  We're not easily offended.

Food and Drink

Eats and non-alcoholic beverages will be supplied.  Frank will once again be in charge of the barbeque.  If we're lucky, Rick will show up bearing his proprietary "Let's Flamingo" cakes.  Yep, that's a hint, Rick.


You're it.

Flamingo Accessories

You will be responsible for bringing your own Flamingo Accessories, so act accordingly.

Shopping Tips

Archie McPhee - - the standard local source, but which has, alas, been somewhat lacking in good Flamingo Accessories in recent years.  Search for "flamingo".

Oriental Trading Inc. - - a good, solid, if overly-diversified, source of Flamingo Accessories. Search for "flamingo". 

Flamingo Mania - - happily, and not surprisingly, heavily weighted toward 'minger Accessories.


Last year your humble hosts were overwhelmed by a barrage of wonderful gifts, and we wish to make it clear that gifts are not expected.

BYOB if you must ...

... but behave yourself - although blatant inebriation will be tolerated, it will be soundly frowned upon.


Especially Jimmy Buffett.

Special Considerations

This year, special guests from out of state will include "Mama" Helen and her gentleman friend Frank, coming all the way from California.  This will be their first time in attendance, and we should all try to make them feel welcome.

Jim and Carol, our hiking friends from Arizona who were graciously allowed to attend last year's Second Annual Flamingo Gala, will not be able to attend.  They will be sorely missed, although it must be pointed out that  Jim is still on Flamingo Probation due to his "difficulties" at last year's event.  We will all miss Carol's smiling face and cheery disposition.  Jim - maybe next year, or maybe not.  We'll see.

RSVP... or not.  You decide...

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